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Chairman – Chris Dow is CEO of Closed Loop Recycling, innovative and state-of-the-art UK plastics recycling company based in East London and employing 120 people.

An Australian entrepreneur, Chris came over to the UK in 2005 when closed loop recycling infrastructure was almost non-existent. Using his passion for both business and the environment, he managed to secure funding and build his first multi-million pound Closed Loop Recycling plant, developing new technologies and supporting the fledgling UK recycling industry.

Chris was educated at Assumption College Kilmore and then completed his Economics and Finance degree at RMIT in Melbourne Australia.

His passion for Australian Rules started at the Lake Oval South Melbourne in 1970 where he followed his beloved Swans later to become the Sydney Swans. In 2003 Chris helped in founding the Melbourne based Sydney Swans advisory group.

Chris, married with four children, now lives with his family in Kent, and still an Aussie at heart, he loves ‘going walkabout’ with his family at the weekends around the UK and Europe as well as taking his 2 young sons to the Shoreditch Oval where his gives them a taste of his favourite game Aussie Rules by watching the London Swans.

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