How to Join

AFL Europe has female football activities in Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. Ireland has an established league, the other countries are participating in some internationals and national events and looking to have leagues develop over the coming years. On top of that many of the men’s leagues around Europe have females participating.

If you are interested in trying out a new sport, meeting passionate people and being part of a fun, safe and exciting environment please get in touch with your nearest female football representative:

Denmark - Morten Merhøj -

England - Ian Baxter -

France – Bérengère Portal -

Germany – Leni Frank –

Iceland – Sölvi Fannar –

Ireland – Leiha Shrubsall -

Italy – Vronnie Ceradini -

Norway - Aina Anthi -

Scotland – Stacey Hughes –

Spain – Alejandra Callow –

Stockholm - Annie Kjellberg –

Sweden – South – Mikaela Ohlsson –

Switzerland – Mattia Sacchi -

Wales – Angela Alvarez Fabregat –

Other  - Ben MacCormack -


lions (3)

Picture : Odense Lions – Denmark