Live Streaming Links – Euro Cup 2017

The 2017 Euro Cup in Bordeaux this Saturday 7th October will be streamed live thanks to our BarTV Sports.

The main stadium pitch will stream every match from 9:00am and culminating in the men’s final which commences at 6:30pm.

All finals will be played on the main stadium pitch.

Regular updates on all matches from the tournament will be aired and can also be found on our Facebook page HERE

The main stadium schedule of matches can be found below

Pitch 1
9:00am German Eagles v Austrian Avalanches
9:40am Scottish Sirens v Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries
10:20am England Dragonslayer v Welsh Dragons
11:00am French Gauloises v Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries
11:40am Croatian Queens v Swedish Ravens
12:20pm French Coqs v Russian Czars
1:00pm Irish Warriors v Flying Dutchmen
1:40pm Irish Banshees v Swedish Ravens
2:20pm BREAK
2:30pm Men’s Plate QF2 (12v13)
3:00pm  Men’s Cup QF3 (C1vB2)
3:30pm Men’s Plate SF2 (10v11/14)
4:00pm Women’s Semi-Final 2 (B1vA2)
4:30pm Men’s Cup Semi-Final 2 (winner QF3 v winner QF4)
5:00pm Men’s Plate Final (9th P/O)
5:30pm Men’s Bowl Final (5th P/O)
6:00pm Women’s Cup Final
6:30pm Men’s Cup Final


The links for the stream can be found below:

2017 AFL Europe – Euro Cup @ Bordeaux – Morning Session

YouTube Link


2017 AFL Europe – Euro Cup @ Bordeaux – Afternoon Session

YouTube Link


2017 AFL Europe – Euro Cup @ Bordeaux – Finals

YouTube Link