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Garry Lyon and Matthew Lloyd present the skills of Australian Football, introduced and demonstrated by the stars of the AFL.

This video includes sections on:

  • kicking
  • handballing
  • marking
  • picking up
  • ball handling
  • bouncing
  • evading
  • smothering
  • spoiling
  • tackling
  • bumping
  • shepherding
  • ruckwork

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This video showcases a range of skills required in Australian Football.



Impact – The best place to start when teaching kicking is at the point of impact.  A player’s ability to make strong and precise impact with the ball will ultimately determine if the kick reaches the intended target.   This video introduces the point of impact as a starting point for kicking and outlines three critical learning points to ensure good impact is made with the ball:

  • Control of the ball onto the foot
  • Acceleration of the lower leg
  • Firm foot

This video also considers the look, feel and sound of the kick as vital information to assist the player in learning and for possible improvements in their kicking.

The video also introduces model kicks and explains that young players can model themselves on AFL players with sound kicking technique to aid their development.


Specialised Kicks

Various specialised kicks are used in Australian Football including the torpedo, banana and snap kicks.  Watch the following video which outlines the technique for these specialised kicks:

Kicking is not the only skill required in Australian Football.  This video also outlines the technique required for the following skills:

Bonus Videos

Watch the following bonus videos:



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